We have the seniority and experience that brings together the right blend of consultants for your biggest challenges.

Our Process


We believe in open communication and collaboration. We start by discussing your goals, challenges, and requirements to gain a deep understanding of your business.


Our team will work closely with you to create a comprehensive plan that outlines the strategies and steps needed to achieve your objectives.


With the plan in place, we execute the strategies and implement the necessary solutions to drive your business forward.

Knowledge Transfer

We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. We provide workshops, facilitation, and documentation to ensure a smooth transition of the project to your team.

Indie Group & Financial Services


Compliance shouldn’t be a dirty word. Used in a positive way, compliance helps to facilitate the best solution possible to support your business. As product options shift away from traditional trading...

Finance Transformation

Gone are the days of a simple one GL. Financial Systems are complicated, best practices are changing and technology is adapting on a daily basis. Whether you are implementing new accounting standards,...


Sometimes you know where you’d like to go but you have no idea what the best route is. Indie Group is here to help you work your way out of the maze. Our consultants have an average of 15-20 years sol...


Financial Services have always pushed the advancement of risk management. Never has the need to be vigilant been more apparent as financial risks become more acute. As regulatory requirements continue...

Technology Operations

Technology connects your firm, predicts your risk, calculates your profit and loss, and even tracks your human capital. There isn’t much that isn’t connected to your systems or patched to legacy syste...

About Us

We’ve sat down with our clients, we’ve listened, and now we have a tailored consulting solution to fit your exacting needs.

As the complexity of a project grows your business teams can be stretched thin. Sometimes having the right subject matter expertise or experience is all that’s required to turn a project from struggles to success. It is no longer prudent to bring in big consulting firms, and contingent workforce programs don’t have the strategic talent you need to get your projects done. Indie Group is a network of consultants that have been hand-picked for your project.


Innovation coupled with understanding the landscape of your competitors here in Canada and globally is an important part of creating strategic growth, managing risk, and developing cutting edge technology that will facilitate your business processes. The strategy that your business uses to move forwards is the single most important part of your business planning. So why do so many business plans fall short? Companies don’t have the right expertise to design and implement a strategy. Indie Group focuses on having senior level executive experience running businesses just like yours. With more and more consulting firms lacking the technical business understanding or the hands on experience, you pay a premium for their managers on- the- job training. You deserve better than this. Indie Group brings the right seniority, the hands on experience, and the ability to guide you through landmines based on past results. With experience comes foresight, knowledge and a calm head to guide you through any stormy weather. Anything less isn’t consulting and it doesn’t help you get where you need to be.


Program Management is the new black. Everyone wants to be a Business Analyst or Project Manager. Designations are plentiful but true consultative project management ability is rare. Our project managers have been tried and tested, we do full reference checks and the chances are they have institutional knowledge to help facilitate your process. Our background in running large programs, facilitating, hiring, and building our network ensures you get the right people for your project- • People who are analytical • People who build business cases to save you money • People who solve problems and roadblocks that you hadn’t even anticipated Our thorough testing process makes sure that our team understands the underpinnings of your business and project management so that you can be 100% confident that the people representing our business can also seamlessly represent yours. Because that is what we do – we connect you with people that will feel as passionately about your business as you do.


Some business lines have become complex and monolithic in places. We see far too many businesses where legacy systems are patched in from past acquisitions. Products are complex and understanding trade flow is significantly more complex than ever before. Is your business like this? Do you want a more streamlined and efficient way to work? As processes have become automated, core knowledge and the underpinnings that drive them have become lost as attrition happens or people are promoted. Business runs as usual but large projects become technically difficult because the expertise has left the building. Indie Group has the strategic consultants needed to help smooth projects. We understand the processes the technologies and their layers. At Indie, we understand the fundamentals and we can help guide your business in the direction that you need it to go. We listen to what you want (what you really, really want) and provide a link to them for you.

Contact Us

Because that is what we do – we connect you with people that will feel as passionately about your business as you do.


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